Bangkok, Thailand, February 26, 2016 – Thairath TV Channel 32 on Thursday held a press conference to announce its four-year rights to broadcast the AVC competitions including 11 highly-competitive tournaments in 2016.

The meeting was held on February 25 at Parichart Room in Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel in Bangkok, with AVC First Executive Vice President Essa Hamza presiding. Also in attendance were AVC Secretary-General Shanrit Wongprasert, Somporn Chaibangyang, president of Thailand Volleyball Association, Thanthip Sirinupong, Thai Beverage’s Vice President of External Affairs, Vithoon Niruntarai, Chief Executive Officer of Siam Inter Multimedia (Public) Company and Watchara Watcharapol, Chief Executive Officer of Triple V Broadcast which operates Thairath TV. A large number of local media representatives also joined the meeting.
In his speech, Watchara said, “After televising live matches of various sports competitions, Thairath TV Channel 32 has tremendously received a warm welcome and the continued admiration from local audience on our quality we had produced and a special attention we paid to the live broadcast of all events. We also worked on our easy-to-understand pre- and post-match graphic design mixed by modern technology in order that our fans can have fun and thoroughly understand the tournament we have been televising.
“In terms of the AVC indoor and beach volleyball tournaments, we intend to make them intensely interesting and worth waiting for watching since they are hotly-contested competitions Thai fans should not miss. All competitions have been regarded as major events Thai fans look forward to watching and we, therefore, must be well-prepared to produce the live broadcast quality signals the best we can. We promise to broadcast the events, making the most of our own standard. At the same time, we will try to keep developing our live broadcast production. Furthermore, the live broadcast will not only be made on TV, but also on display in various platforms including website (, Youtube (Thairath Youtube Channel) and My Thairath Application. Thairath TV Channel 32 are doing all these things with an aim of throwing our full support to the Thai sports,” he added.
According to Watchara, Thairath TV won the four-year rights starting from 2016 to 2019 to televise the Asian Volleyball Confederation competitions including 11 major events this year.
“We will kick off our live broadcast this year with the 2016 Asian Senior Beach Volleyball Championships from Sydney, Australia from March 25 to 28,” said Watchara.
He concluded that two top-flight competitions await the Thai fans in September and certainly, they can enjoy watching the two tournaments via Thairath TV Channel 32. The two events consist of  the 2016 Asian Women’s Club Volleyball Championship in the Philippines between September 3 and 11 and the 5th AVC Cup for Women in Vietnam from September 12 to 18.